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Homeowners Association Board of Directors

Floridian Bay Estates at Waterstone Homeowners Association Board of Directors is made up of volunteer residents from the community. Homeowners elect five directors at the community's annual meeting. Each home can place one vote. The board members are expected to commit at least 8 hours a month to their responsibilities as members of the board

Due to COVID-19 restrictions meetings are being held via Zoom Video Conference 

Please email [email protected] for conference information. We will not be posting on-line to prevent disruptions of live meetings.

FBE HOA Meeting of the Board and Homeowners

Date: 2nd Thursday of Every Month

Time: 7 p.m.

Meeting notice will be posted on the community's bulletin board at least 48 hours in advance of meeting. Please check bulletin prior to meeting to confirm date and time. Meeting date will be announced at prior month meeting. Please be aware that at times it might be necessary to cancel meetings due to lack of quorum.